Kids VR Machine VR Submarine Simulator

VART Kids VR Game Machine 2Players VR Submarine Simulator. No need to wear VR glasses. And the glasses can adjust according to the height. Not only can play VR shooting game, but also can see VR movies. It is a good way to play parent-child game and inspire children’s interest!

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VR Submarine Simulator (1)
VR Submarine Simulator (2)

What is Kids VR Submarine Simulator?

Kids VR Submarine Simulator is one of funny parent-child project which is very popular for children. Through the simulation periscope (VR Glasses), you can observe and aim at the target to experience the pleasure of submarine combat in the vast ocean.The equipment supports parent-child fighting, and can also be used as a 2 person dynamic VR equipment project.

Advantages of Kids VR Simulator

1. Cool and lovely appearance, absolutely attractive.

2. Combining VR technology, enhance real experience of submarine.

3. 360 Degree panoramic interactive shooting game, support record score. 

4. Dynamic simulation, combine virtual and real, first-class immersive experience.

5. Supports 2 people parent-child dynamic experience.

6. Supports slot card and coin operated system.

7. Special design of VR Glasses: support up and down, no need to wear it.

8. It is a first parent-child VR machine, very suitable for family and inspire children's interest in technology.

Model VR Submarine Simulator
Player 2 players
Power 2.0 KW
Voltage 220V / Voltage Converter
Glasses Pico
Games 4pcs
Playing Time   2-10 minutes
Size L2.30*W2.30*H2.56m
Weight 400KG
List of goods 1 x VR Submarine Simulator

Massive Game/Movie Contents

VR Submarine Simulator game poster (1)
VR Submarine Simulator game poster (2)
VR Submarine Simulator game poster (3)


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Why Choose Us?

1. VART is one of the earliest VR manufacturers/suppliers in China.

2. Compared with other VR suppliers, VART has 12 years of 9D virtual reality experience. And now we have enough mature experience and technology in the VR industry.

3. Our strong R&D team is technical guarantee. Our professional after-sales service team will give you support.

4. We will help you formulate development strategies and design your place. You are not the one in battle.

5. We promise that we will provide you with high-quality products, good services and preferential prices to meet all your needs.


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