High Quality Service

We provide one year warranty period for our customers.

For hardware: In case the hardware has any damage or failure within the warranty period, please contact our customer service engineer or salesman immediately so that we can respond to your request and solve the relevant problems.

For software: We provide free lifelong software service for all customers. We can solve the software and system problems in a remote manner to guarantee worry-free operation.

After making an all-around inspection and solving the problem, we will provide replacements for free. Such replacements will be delivered by DHL or FedEx promptly.

We are responsible for the express costs during the warranty period.

Customer Service and Warranty Rules

• We provide one year warranty for hardware (excluding VR glasses, quick-wear parts, and man-made damages) and lifetime maintenance for software.

• Each piece of equipment is equipped with a package of quick-wear parts when it is delivered.

• We provide lifelong technical support for the equipment to guarantee the upgrading of hardware, system, and contents.

• The warranty period starts from the date the equipment is delivered from the factory. For any hardware outside the warranty period, the cost price of relevant parts will be charged only.

• In case any part needs to be repaired or replaced, you should send back the damaged part and responsible for the freight charges. We will send it back to you after the maintenance is finished.

• Please contact our customer service immediately in case the equipment has any failure. Don't dismantle or repair it by yourself. Please conduct one or more tests step by step with the guidance from our customer service personnel so that we can provide a specific solution after determining the problem. We provide 24-hour failure reporting and appointments for repairing. The working hours for technical supports are as follows: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Beijing time). If need service at other times, please make an appointment with the after-sales team in advance.

• According to the purchase contract, the one-year warranty period starts from the date it is delivered from the factory.


1. One extra headset cable (except HTC VIVE) will be shipped with each order free of charge.

2. If easy-broken parts damage within 30 days under normal use, we consider their quality issue and will enjoy the normal policy of warranty as other accessories.

On Service Time

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Chinese time)

Sunday – Saturday (If need service at other times, please make an appointment with the after-sales team in advance)

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