5D Movie Theater 5D/7D Cinema

VART Most Popular VR Family Motion Chair Simulator 5D/7D Cinema. Different kinds of VR movies for all ages. The cinema is full of special effects, such as lightning, snow, mist, bubble, wind, rain, etc. Everyone love to experience. The comfortable seats and interesting 5D/7D movies will bring you more awesome experience. 5D/7D cinema is a high profitable business.

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5D Movie Theater 5D 7D Cinema


5D Movie Theater 5D 7D Cinema 2
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What is 5D/7D Cinema?

1) 5D cinema movies, known as five-dimensional movie, is developed from four-dimensional movie. When we watching 3D movies we can see solid pictures, the 4D moves put tactile sensation and olfactory sensation in the 3D movies.

2) Now our engineer will throw you into a whole new world. When you are watching the 5D movie you will wear 3D glasses and as the seat moves to 6dof set & control led by computer. You will catch the feeling of storm, lightning, rain, spray mist, lapping legs, bubbles, snow at the same time which will be totally different from the old 3D movies.

3) You will have a whole new feeling vitality because of the good interactivity created by the new device we use. The seat will make the change to different gestures across to the story of the 5D movie goes on.

Advantages of 5D/7D Cinema

1. Movies

Lots of movies and will update the movies regularly.

2. Professional Design Team

We have our own movies and films making department in our headquarters, every game scene is designed by our professional designers.

3. Special Effects

Lightning, Snow, Mist, Bubble, Wind, Rain, etc.

4. 3DOF/6DOF Motion Platform

Let customers have more real and awesome experience.

Product Name 5D/7D Cinema
Size Customization
Power 5.5 KW
Voltage 220V / Voltage Converter
Chair Artificial leather Seat
Glasses 3D Glasses
Special Effects

lightning, snow, mist, bubble, wind, rain, etc.


Shopping mall, theme park, resort, zoo, school, hotel, museum, etc

Massive Game/Movie Contents

5D Movie Theater 5D 7D Cinema




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