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7D Cinema

Embark on a journey like never before with our state-of-the-art Naked-Eye 7D Dome Theater, incorporating cutting-edge technology used by major theme parks like Universal Studios and Disney to provide an immersive 7D experience.

Experience real thrills with our track-mounted motion platform, synchronizing with ultra-high-definition widescreen movies to deliver authentic sensations of flight, sway, and vibration.  This 7D cinema movie theater with an expansive screen spanning a vast span, our theater fills your field of vision, perfectly complemented by all-around stereo sound, ensuring an immersive audiovisual delight.


The Advantage:

  • Outstanding Synchronization
  • Real-time Multiplayer Synchronization
  • Rapid Response:
  • Movie Synchronization Rate Approaching 99.0%
  • Ultra-Precise Displacement Accuracy
  • Comprehensive Motion Simulation






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Product Detail

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7D Cinema


Advantages of 7D Cinema

1. Exclusive Patented Mechanical Structure

2. High-definition films let you dive into immersive experience akin to stepping into a futuristic world.

3. Versatility for various venues, appealing to investors.

5. Highlighting the fast ROI potential, making it a top choice for investors.

6. Intimate handles for charging.

7. Convenient central control system

Massive Game/Movie Contents


This Product Application?

It can be used as a popular entertainment, e-sports and military science experience, and can also be used for military industry and military training. For military fans, weapons fans and the general public, the protagonist, panoramic view, extremely realistic and spectacular VR military shooting experience is very attractive. So it can be used a plenty of indoor playgrounds, such as theme park, game center, training base, technology museum, etc.


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