VART 2 Seater VR 360 Chair Featured Image
  • VART 2 Seater VR 360 Chair
  • VART 2 Seater VR 360 Chair
  • VART 2 Seater VR 360 Chair
  • VART 2 Seater VR 360 Chair
  • VART 2 Seater VR 360 Chair
  • VART 2 Seater VR 360 Chair
  • VART 2 Seater VR 360 Chair

VART 2 Seater VR 360 Chair

• VART Original VR Flight Simulator 2 Seats 360 VR Chair.

• 20+ pcs Full HD VR shooting games.

• There are our exclusive copyright games. And the VR chair can rotate 360 degree.

• Rotating and shooting at the same time.

• It will bring immersive and awesome experience that you have never been.

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360 vr simulator

What is VR 360 Chair?

Newest 2 seats VR 360 chair is the latest VR simulator designed by VART. The 2-seater 360 VR seat is equipped witadvanced VR technology, including high-quality graphics, immersive surround sound, and motion sensors that accurately track the user's movements. The design of the chair ensures that users can enjoy a 360-degree field of view, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the virtual reality environment.

Advantages of 360 Degree VR Chair

1. 360°Rotating and Shooting. Extreme sport experience 360º VR rotation. With screw structure. It can 360 degree rotating and 45 degree flapping action achieves bigger freedom of movement to bring you more real VR experience.

2. Exclusive Copyright Games. Exciting and real feeling in roller coaster, the space shooting games and other virtual reality games.

3. Come with wind special effects to give you real feel.

4. Cool appearance, attracting people.

5. One-Key Operation, Simple and Fast. With stop button, more convenience for players.

6. Safety Protection. Head protection design and seat belt, safety guarantee.

7. 32 inch HD LED screen to synchronize video.

VR Simulator 360 VR Chair
Player 2 players
Power 4.0 KW
Voltage 220V/50Hz/ Voltage Converter
Chair Artificial leather Seat
VR Glasses DPVR E3C (2.5K)
Screen 32inch HD LED Screen
Games 22Pcs, including roller coaster and shooting games
Size L2396 * W2438 * H2596mm
Weight 800KG
Special Effects Wind Blowing
Feature Shooting + 360° Rotating
List of goods 1 × VR Headset
1 × VR 360 Chair(with TV)

Exclusive Copyright Games

vr game machine
Exclusive Copyright Games (2)
Exclusive Copyright Games (3)

This Product Application

1. Can be used to demonstrate VR experience of any tourism locations, educational contents, or any other VR content you have.It can be placed at squares, parks, recreation halls, airports, clubs, museums and so on.

2. Science, education, exhibitions, fairs, store openings and other occasions.

3. Used for everything you need to quickly attract human traffic, attention, concern business occasions, such as: game center, trust me, if you have a VR machine, it will attract lots of customer and bring consumption of the other game equipment.


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