Classic 9D VR Egg Chair VR Cinema

VART Classic 2 Seats VR Egg Chair 9D VR Cinema Simulator. This 3DOF Motion Platform VR chair creates an immersive experience from hearing, vision, touch in VR Games or Movies. Players can be feeling leg touching, back pushing, body shaking and vibration when playing games or watching VR movies. Immersive and have fun.

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Classic 2 Seats VR Chair

What is VR Egg Chair?

VR Egg Chair uses VR glasses to show you 360 degree movies and games. Immersive virtual reality experience brings you a totally different and real experience.

You can aim at the target by turning your head and by pressing the button in your seats to shoot at the target featured in the movies through your glasses.

It breaks the limit of virtual and real world and takes the viewers through an amazing experience.

VR Egg Chair will give you the opportunity to go into a virtual world and make you believe that it’s real.

What you will experience with our 2 Seats VR Egg Chair?

1. Special Effects

With leg sweep, shaking, vibration, push back and shooting special effect function.

2. Peak experience

For catching the speed action and controlling accurate driving instantly,360 degree full view scene with immersive  enjoyment and dynamic design should be inclusive.

3. High Standard Attractive Design

Sleek lines appear to its rigorousness and fierce, thick crystal white painting, dangling design for balancing holders, dynastic technology armor vehicles are forged together with international and professional 360 degree anti-attack racing rides

4. Personal Tailor

The backrest can be adjusted up and down & seats can be controlled front and back which are designed for the players with different figures and habits

5. Customized fancy masterpiece

If you want to experience more movies and games, or have your own brand logo, just contact VART teams, start your own business immediately.

Product Name VR Egg Chair
Player 2 players
Power 2.5 KW
Voltage 220V / Voltage Converter
Chair Artificial leather Seat
VR Glasses DPVR E3C (2.5K)
Screen 19 inch HD Touch Screen
Games 141pcs VR games and VR movies
Playing Time 2-10mins
Size L2.10*W1.10*H2.00m
Weight 300KG
Special Effects Vibration, Shaking, Leg Sweep, Back Poke, Shooting
List of goods 2 x VR Headsets
1 x 19 inch Touch Screen Control Panel
1 x 2 Seats Dynamic Platform

Massive Game/Movie Contents

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Classic 2 Seats VR Chair (1)
Classic 2 Seats VR Chair (4)
Classic 2 Seats VR Chair (2)
Classic 2 Seats VR Chair (5)
Classic 2 Seats VR Chair (3)
Classic 2 Seats VR Chair (6)


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