Published Date: 2022.10

VART Latest VR Simulator Categories

VR Theme Park, VR Arcade, 360 VR Chair, 9D VR Chair, VR Cinema, VR Flight Simulator, VR Racing Car, 9D Virtual Reality. VART is the leading supplier of VR Game Machine manufacturer in Asia.

How many types of VR equipment and what types of VR Games do we have?

VART has more than 30 kinds of VR Game machines including VR Shooting, VR Sport, VR Boxing, VR Movie and VR Cartoon. VART believes that innovation is a key factor that makes us move further and further. It’s also important for customers too. We’ve been developing new VR Simulators since the end of last year. We’re ready to embrace the market. Contact us to get more info for NEW DESIGNS.

PDF Format, We’ll keep the e-catalog updating, so please pay attention to the date version.

In this catalog, you will find a brief company introduction, VR applications as well as different kinds of VR game machines.

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