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  • VR 2 Players VR Shooting Machine
  • VR 2 Players VR Shooting Machine
  • VR 2 Players VR Shooting Machine

VR 2 Players VR Shooting Machine

VART 9D VR Game Simulator 2Players VR Shooting. Kinds of VR games for different ages. 7+6 online games can be chosen, such as VR shooting game, VR sport game and so on. Each VR game has its instruction, supporting one-click view instruction, players and waiters can easily get started.

  • Experience VR without wear and tear, offering increased space efficiency and reduced operating expenses.
  • Integrated VR helmet and gun design, 6Dof scene interaction for a more lifelike presence.
  • The VR gun features a large tension telescopic mechanism for enhanced helmet protection.
  • User-friendly interface on a 42-inch high-definition LCD display, enabling easy one-click interaction.
  • Accepts WeChat payment and other trendy methods, with some games supporting in-game currency and mid-stream renewal.
  • Facilitates one-click renewal to keep players engaged, and supports background auditing.

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double VR shooting machine


VR shooting machine



Advantages of 2Players VR Shooting Machine

1. One-key stop, easy management.

2. HD 42-inch screen displays gaming image, instruction, and propaganda video.

3. Each games has detailed operating instructions, which is convenient for the players and staff to learn.

5. Support payment methods such as slot cards.

6. Intimate handles for charging.

7. The unique anti-winding structure to protect wires and player safety.

VR Simulator 2Players VR Platform
Player 2 players
Power 2.0 KW
Voltage  220V / Voltage Converter
VR Glasses  DPVR E4
Games 7+6 online games
Playing Time 2-10 minutes
Size L315 * W230 * H265cm
Weight 300KG
List of goods 2 x VR Headsets
2 x VR Guns
1 x VR Standing Platform

Massive Game/Movie Contents

VR games

This Product Application?

It can be used as a popular entertainment, e-sports and military science experience, and can also be used for military industry and military training. For military fans, weapons fans and the general public, the protagonist, panoramic view, extremely realistic and spectacular VR military shooting experience is very attractive. So it can be used a plenty of indoor playgrounds, such as theme park, game center, training base, technology museum, etc.


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